Hi, Frenjo…

Today, I’m going to tell you about “how to set Server timezone in Vesta Panel.”

Sometimes when we want to set up for backup our script in CRON job, we have to know and configure time server correctly, because the first thing to do is, put a script in the right time. It avoids crashes, bugs, and errors. so, here we go:

  1. Login into your server
  2. type/access https://your_domain.tld:8083/edit/server/
  3. change the time zone. Eg: for Jakarta (Asia/Jakarta [09:18:57] UTC+07:00)
  4. Save

Notes: this is my first English version blog, Why I decided to write with the English language because I want to improve my English skill into the next level. I would like to say sorry if my English not well formatted yet… 🙂 see you for the next article genks