Hi frenjo,

Sometimes clients don’t want to know if you don’t have knowledge about the new environments or technologies that did you have.  Then you just have to prove that you could adapt for everything changes. This week, I play with several digital ocean droplets which is the new for me in the past for cloud server and the fresh installer could be ruining your day to day if you don’t solve it soon. Here the problem I got when tried to access database in phpmyadmin:

SELECT command denied to user 'user'@'localhost' for table 'pma_table_uiprefs' 

Here the solution

  1. Open your console / Putty
  2. login
  3. sudo su –> for super administrator
  4. Paste or Write this code into your console
curl -O -k https://raw.githubusercontent.com/skurudo/phpmyadmin-fixer/master/pma-debian.sh && chmod +x pma-debian.sh && ./pma-debian.sh

the code is for Debian OS server 8.x, if you are using others server. click this link