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Detect intercom message on click event

Hi, frenjo..

if you usually use the 3rd party, please… as developer READ A DOCUMENTATION. This single post I going to tell you I had a problem because of didn’t read the documentation. Around 2 weeks, I got a headache and try to solve a problem with different code and probability with javascript. Finally, I had a solution when I looked in the documentation.


Intercom('onShow', function() { // Do stuff });


Intercom('onShow', function() { console.log("Hello!") });



Unboxing Nokia 3310 Reborn

Hi frenjo…

A decade ago, as we know the one which dominance in the mobile market sectors is Nokia. At the beginning when they tried with their brave heart against “the market”. Nokia is the most famous mobile phone in the world before his past CEO decided to didn’t use android as operation system, unfortunately, the market didn’t support them. Go down until deepest on the earth. Then now, Nokia is bought by Microsoft and this is the new one of innovations from them: Nokia 3310 Reborn. I’ll summarize it for you here:


in the smartphone era with the hashtag #connectanyoneineverywhere, this phone still stands with their selfishness. Neither wifi nor even 4G technology, they only provide us a GSM as a network. Other features are 2 MP camera and slot memory card up to 32 GB at least you could save many photos and personal contacts here.


Nokia 3310 Reborn offers us new fancy design with different catching color when you hold feels like holding a Lamborghini key or maybe Vespa, by the thin body it looks up to date smartphone with old style taste


by 1200 Li-ion batterie. In stand by mode, they say this phone could live up to 1 month, on the other hand, when you compare which case is harder between the old version and latest version of this phone, it should be the older version.

the one things before you decide to buy this handphone is, Nokia 3310 doesn’t give you message applications eg WhatsApp, Line, or BBM. but if you need just focus on calling and SMS this phone is recommended.

Server Timezone in Vesta Panel

Hi, Frenjo…

Today, I’m going to tell you about “how to set Server timezone in Vesta Panel.”

Sometimes when we want to set up for backup our script in CRON job, we have to know and configure time server correctly, because the first thing to do is, put a script in the right time. It avoids crashes, bugs, and errors. so, here we go:

  1. Login into your server
  2. type/access https://your_domain.tld:8083/edit/server/
  3. change the time zone. Eg: for Jakarta (Asia/Jakarta [09:18:57] UTC+07:00)
  4. Save

Notes: this is my first English version blog, Why I decided to write with the English language because I want to improve my English skill into the next level. I would like to say sorry if my English not well formatted yet… 🙂 see you for the next article genks

Replace dan Update Kalimat di Mysql

Hi frenjo,

Pagi ini kita bahas bagaimana caranya update/replace kalimat atau kata pada database MYSQL

UPDATE [table_name] SET [field_name] = REPLACE([field_name], "foo", "bar");


“Foo” adalah kata yang kita cari/ mau di ubah

“Bar” adalah kata yang kita inginkan untuk mengganti si “Foo”